Kelvin McKay-Hill's dedication to creativity, innovation, and education has put him at the forefront of a movement. Kelvin has placed himself in the center of creativity worldwide through his online presence with such platforms as Alternative Kaoz (A platform he created to feature the most talented, forward thinking minds in the Alternative Global Majority Community) and Kaoz Concepts (A platform to help those wanting to create a small business online build out their brand and make income doing what they love) 

He's an culture creator interested in uplifting a people that are often forgotten. 

Kelvin is a creative juggernaut that has performed in hundreds of concerts, festivals, and and community experiences; In addition to that he has taught thousands of children across the Los Angeles area. 

As the creator and founder of Alternative Kaoz, Kelvin has built a devoted and multi-faceted fan base in which he helps thousands of people find a place to feel accepted. 



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