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Kelvin is a Los Angeles based guitarist that displays a wide range of skills and abilities in the entertainment field.

Kelvin is the lead guitarist and singer of his band "Order & Kaoz," a rock outfit, featuring a collage of musical influences ranging from Neo-Soul to Metal. Kelvin McKay-Hill is a graduate of Loyola Marymount University where he studied Classical Guitar Performance. He studied Jazz Arranging and Classical Composition at Los Angeles Valley College. He is a guitarist, composer, improviser, and music instructor.

An avid supporter of arts education, Kelvin has taught thousands of children in Los Angeles, its surrounding areas, and online. He's instructed courses on Photography, Painting, Guitar, Piano, Singing, Acting, and more. Revered for his wide range of influences and showmanship, Kelvin is dedicated to pushing music into unexplored directions while maintaining a fun approach.

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