You're Skype lessons are so comprehensive. I never managed to tell you this, but I was honestly amazed by your patience and ability to break things down. You are a natural teacher. I appreciated how you managed to completely eliminate all of the setbacks that I had (secretly) anticipated would occur due to the internet-based nature of the lessons. You managed to make learning music, from a distance, with a webcam, feel quite comfortable and intimate. ”

Have you always wanted to learn the guitar but felt it was too intimidating to get a teacher one on one? Have you ever wanted to play with more people at your same level? Do you feel like private lessons are too expensive?

These are some concerns I’ve heard from students in the past. Group lessons are an excellent solution to these issues. I  teach classes to groups as small as five up to as many as 30. 

Kelvin has a innate ability to relate to  just about anyone on their terms and share the joy of making and learning about music. His teaching philosophy, much like his playing background, encompasses many genres, approaches,  and techniques to not only become a good player, but also a thoughtful and respected musician. 

Kelvin is native to Los Angeles and is looking to partner with anyone who is interested in lessons in guitar, banjo, repertoire and techniques, songwriting and improvising, artists, filmmakers, endorsement opportunities, photographers, and anyone else that’s cool. 

Child Guitar Lessons 

Children are capable of becoming very proficient musicians at an early age with proper foundational training. 

I use improvisation to help students develop their creativity. 

I use many different methods to explain musical concepts . Some of the things a student will learn are how to read standard notation, tablature (TAB), chord charts, and rhythms. Video and audio can be recorded in the lessons as well. 

Basics of music theory (scales, arpeggios, chords , key signatures, analysis, etc.) are learned so that the student can be fluent in all aspects of the guitar.  

Children should have an appropriate size guitar. A nylon string acoustic (classical guitar) is best to start on. Lessons are available in 1 hour blocks (no half hour sessions) to be paid at the beginning on the month.

Adult Guitar Lessons 

I offer instruction to adults with no experience up to professional musicians touring nationwide.

Finding time to practice can be challenging but having a regular practice and proper practice habits can dramatic decrease your learning curve. 

Learning proper technique (how to properly hold and play guitar) also frees your mind up to focus more on theory. 

I help you strengthen your concept of rhythm with a variety of exercises for the right-handing (pick or Fingerstyle). 

Learning the basics of transposition and how to use a capo so that you can identify and play in any key will allow you to play almost any song with the basic open position chords. 

Learning to sing a helps you learn songs easier, helps your improvisation, and sight reading. 

Learning how to play in a band setting or chamber ensemble setting is essential for success as a professional. 


Individual Lessons

Online Lessons : Skype/FaceTime 

Group Lessons and Classes

Ukulele Lessons

Bass Lessons


Songwriting/Production Lessons

Curriculum Planning, Camps, and Lesson Plans

Guitar Intensives




I offer a workshop dedicated to helping singer/songwriters easily increase their rhythmic, harmonic, and percussive techniques in a way that is easily incorporated into their skill set.  

Playing with a capo and transposing so that you can find THE BEST key and range for your voice and style.  

Examining the relationship between melody and harmony so that you will never have to compromise a melody  

Exploring exotic chord voicings 

Learning a variety of strumming and fingerstyle patterns (classical etudes, travis picking, delta blues picking, basic flamenco techniques, samba and bossa nova rhythms, african rhythms, etc.) To breath new life into old songs you thought to be dull.  

Playing fills and lines to Decorate simple chord progressions easily.   

Music theory, analysis, and transcription to increase creative experimentation and implementation.   

Experimenting with moveable shapes and open strings and alternate tunings for increased variety.