2018 in Review

It has been quite some time since my last blog post and I have learned so much about the medium and life itself since then. 2018 had a lot of lessons for me. I wrote, produced, and published my first songs this year. I started a YouTube channel dedicated to teaching music skills. I started a podcast dedicated to helping people advance their music careerI learned to expand my skills in teaching (I started directing youth choirs) and decided to be more deliberate in choices I make. I chose to market myself more in line with how I really feel. Previously, I tried to fit into an idea of what I thought was acceptable and I turn, I ended up not pleasing any audience. I decided to take on a focus which began to develop as I developed my style. I throw away all my clothes I felt were unflattering so that I would be forced to buy things I liked. A like a lot of furturistic pieces as much as I dig Victorian items. I also really enjoy movies of all kinds. I value characters as the most important part of a movie so I began developing my outfits to fit a character I was creating. The style I was working on helping me direct my focus to a particular audience a lot easier. It was also more in line with who I am. I was also taking on a lot of situations that were below my capabilities because I really had to find myself. I am grateful for the experiences I had last year and I’m excited to greet this new year with more control and focus than I did last year. I’m excited to experience new things and meet new people. I will start up my podcast again with new guests and content. I’m going to continue to build my teaching business and I’m going to performing a lot more and it will be original music. Stay tuned! 

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