Practice Log

Practice is one of the most important aspects of being a musician. Many of us are short on time and/or don't know how to organize or practice to be more efficient with our time. On my lessons page, I uploaded an excel file that helps students organize their practice. In it are three different varieties of Practice Log. The first is for my beginner students. The second is for my advanced students, and the third is for the working musician. 

The way you use the log is to print it out and put it in a folder labeled "Practice Log." Print one out every week and label the dates so you can see your progress from week to week. In the Day row, under whichever column your working on, document how much time you practiced and the metronome marking you started and ended at *if applicable). 

This log is very useful, even if you only practice five minutes a day because it gives your practice a direction and focus. No longer will you sit in front of your instrument just noodling away for hours and calling that practice. You can set goals and work towards those goals daily until you reach the goal you want to achieve. No go forth and practice!

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