Preparing for Recitals

I should've posted this before my students had their recitals this last Sunday but I actually learned so much from the experience that it actually works out better that I'm doing it now. 

I gathered all of my students in a practice and I explained to them how proud of them I was and how no matter what happens, they've already done the work and I already know they can play so now the goal is to go out and have fun. I reminded them to keep a smile on their faces and to breath deeply and and to relax. The performers all did wonderfully and I was very proud.

What I learned from this experience on my first multi instrument recital was:

-To organize the program in such a way that facilitates easier stage transitions.
-To not block students with music stands
-To make programs earlier
-To pass out my business cards after the concert
-To take more photos at the end of concerts

I have another recital with my middle school students next Thursday and will most likely add to this list

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