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 Fretboard Kaoz
  •  Fretboard Kaoz
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Do you struggle with navigating the fretboard? Do you find yourself stuck in the “B.B Box?” Well look no further. This guitar course is designed especially for players that already have a good handle on playing but don’t understand the theoretical aspects. I break down the theory of playing guitar into five basic moveable shapes that will have you creating new lines freely in a variety of styles including jazz, neo-soul, classic R&B, rock, funk, country, blues, and hip-hop. If you are a serious musician ready to take your skills to the next level then this course is a must for you.

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Custom Songs
  • Custom Songs
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I will write you a song in the genre of your choice (Must provide at least 3 references).I offer Folk, R&B, Hard Rock/Heavy Metal, Blues, and Hip Hop. Inquire if there is something you are interested in outside of these genres. I will provide you with the WAV file and you will have exclusive rights to the song. I will receive 50% of the Royalties for the song.

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Collaborate with me
  • Collaborate with me
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Collaborate on a Beat/Song with me. The finished product will be posted on my website, beatstars, and Soundcloud and will be broken down on my Youtube Channel.

Sales on my website and beatstars will be split 50/50.

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Monthly In Home Lessons
  • Monthly In Home Lessons
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I'll come to your home and meet with you four times monthly to give you a specialized guitar lesson. I go over concepts such as improvisation, fretboard theory, classical technique, songwriting, technique and much more. In addition, you'll also get access to my video lessons on my exclusive Kaoz Conservatory pages. They cover practice tips, performance anxiety, and a variety of other topics.

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Additional Services

  • Live Music Performance (Solo Guitar, Guitar Vox, and w/ band)

  • Music Producer

  • Brand Ambassador & Social Media Management

  • Event Host & Curator

  • Panels, Workshops, & Speaking Engagements 

  • Brand/Creative Consultant


Workshops by Kelvin Kaoz 

Unlocking Your Inner Rock Star

An informative class on building your persona as a live performer

Writing Instrumental Music for Solo Guitar 

A class that helps you write solo pieces for guitar using your own unique voice on the instrument. 


More classes coming soon