Studio Work

KelvinNotCalvin has been playing guitar for over 20 years. Kelvin was born and raised in Los Angeles, where he grew up exposed to a variety of different genres of music. This exposure to many styles of music molded Kelvin into the musician his today. His versatility allows him to be comfortable performing with an R&B/Pop group, with a Rock trio, or with a classical guitar ensemble. He's most comfortable doing session work for R&B/Pop, Rock, and Hip-Hop artists. 

Solo Performance

Solo Guitarist Playing Jazz, Classical, World Music, Pop, Hip Hop, and R&B.

Inspired by greats such as Prince, David Bowie, Hendrix, Segovia, Ron Isley, Tupac, and countless others, Kelvin can add atmosphere and elegance to any event including weddings , baby showers, graduation parties, corporate retreats, dinner engagements, cocktail hours, and various other venues. Kelvin arrives at each solo performance on time with an amplifier and microphone by request. His music selection spans dozens of genres and hundreds of years. As a soloist, he can provide live music for a room of any size, or operate at any volume to enrich the atmosphere without overpowering the audience.

Band Performance

Kelvin has enjoyed playing in bands for over 12 years. He's been the featured frontman of his former top 40 cover band, the SoulBotix, and has performed for countless local acts all across Los Angeles. Kelvin loves to perform Rock-based music, as it gives him the opportunity to show off his performance chops, but he is equally comfortable playing alongside a Pop or R&B act. In addition to performing in bands, Kelvin is very adept at stripping things down and acoustifying arrangements of songs to retain the character of the song, while also adding his unique flavor to the composition. 

Performance Coaching


Kelvin has an eclectic style of songwriting that is rooted is his upbringing; Exposure to a large variety of different genres of music. Kelvin is equally comfortable writing an acoustic ballad as he is creating a electronic dance track and his lyrics come from a myriad of methods to produce catchy, informed, words. He has studied methods of songwriting and production from various greats of the music industry, the likes of which include Tim Pierce. Kelvin can help you unlock your songwriting skills or add a song to your project at an affordable rate.